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What type of paper is recommend for use in a laser printer?

Each laser printer instruction manual specifies a range of paper quality, thickness, and size that is recommended for that printer. Paper that fails to meet recommended specifications may cause operational problems, such as increased paper jams, damage to the printer, and increased frequency of repairs. Check your manufacturer's recommended paper specifications. Be especially aware of specs covering paper size, weight, smoothness, thickness, moisture content, and curl. Make certain that the room environment (temperature and humidity) is compatible with the paper specifications.

Every ream of paper is packaged with an end-label describing many of these specifications. One of the most important for you to look for is the printing surface spec, which is an arrow that says "print this side first." Make certain that your printer operators know how to put the paper in the printer so that the arrow side is printed first.

Your printer's "User's Manual" will provide you a good deal of information about printing envelopes, transparencies, labels and other smaller sized documents. Make certain that you use media that are within specifications. Otherwise, any required service may not be covered by your manufacturer's warranty. Do not feed labels more than one pass through the laser printer. Never use envelopes with windows or self-stick adhesives.

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Last Updated: 03/11/2004
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