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How can paper jams be reduced?

Be sure that the paper is inserted beneath the corner spring clips in the paper tray. This will help avoid paper jams. Different paper trays will require the paper to be oriented in different directions. e.g. on the HP Laser Jet 5P, letterhead stationery must be inserted face up in the upper "pull-down" paper tray, while it must be inserted face down in the lower paper tray. As described above in the "paper choices" section, make certain the side to be printed first is in the proper orientation.

     Try to print labels using a straight print path if possible. i.e. Use the "pull-down" paper tray in front (if available) and the rear exit (if available) to minimize the number of rollers engaged.

     When using the pull down paper tray, be sure that paper is inserted all the way to engage the pick-up rollers. When using envelopes or small stock make certain that the slide guides are adjusted firmly to the edge of the envelopes or paper so that it will not skew as it travels through the print path.

     When clearing paper jams, always pull paper in the same direction as it travels through the printer. That is, open a door to the paper path beyond the jam, and pull the paper forward and out of the machine at that point. Failure to follow this suggestion will often create a flat spot on a roller or will damage a clutch spring.

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Last Updated: 03/11/2004
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