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How are toner cartridges changed?

     When a new toner cartridge arrives, make certain it is the correct cartridge for the machine. Next, open the cartridge and inspect it visually for damage. Be sure it is not leaking, and that there is no loose toner on the cartridge or in the container. If the cartridge does not pass these inspections, return it before inserting it into your printer.

     We recommend removing any release tabs (or dams) before the cartridge is placed into the printer. Hold the cartridge over a waste basket and remove the dam. This will help you to avoid getting a puff of toner in your printer.

     Immediately after inserting a new cartridge, we suggest running a printer self test for around 10 pages. If the print quality is not good, contact your cartridge manufacturer. In addition, the self test will indicate how many total pages the printer has printed. Keep a copy of this test sheet in your file, so that when you next change cartridges, you will be able to calculate exactly how many copies you got from this cartridge. In this manner you will be able to know precisely how many copies you are getting from each cartridge you buy.

     When changing cartridges, it is important to inspect the printer, looking for foreign objects, broken pieces, and ensuring that there are no pieces of paper in the paper path. For those with an EP-S cartridge, change the fuser wand every time you change the cartridge.

     You will know when the cartridge starts to run out of toner, because printing will be noticeably lighter or because the printer will indicate "toner low." At that point, remove the cartridge from the printer, and gently rock it side-to-side 3 or 4 times. This will allow you to print another 100 to 200 copies from the remaining toner, and will give you time to order another cartridge from your supplier.

Click here or call (401)438-3400 for information on Laser Lightning services.

Last Updated: 04/05/2004
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